giovedì 9 maggio 2013

Grazie Ottavio

The fashion label Missoni was founded by Ottavio "Tai" Missoni and his wife in 1953, exactly sixty years ago. According to me, Missoni has always been the king of patterns and a real italian pride. He was the only one that have always mixed different colours, textures and fabrics. We must not forget that ottavio was not just a fashion designer, but also a soldier, a father (he never recovered since when his son disappeared in the ocean), and even an Olympic athlete. Ottavio died today, 9th May 2013, he was ninety-two. If Superheroes existed, probably he would have been one of them.

Ottavio Missoni working for his label

Ottavio and Rosita Missoni

Ottavio Missoni, running at the Olympic games

Missoni Zig-Zag pattern

domenica 5 maggio 2013

Let's talk about... tattoos!

There once were tattos. No one charming prince would ever had one because only pirates and prisoners  got them. Princesses always felt in love with pirates, so also princes began having some tattos. That's probably why tattoos are so popular now.
(P.s. pricesses, princes, pirates and maybe some prisoners lived happily forever after.)

Tattoos are, in addition to being a great way to pick up girls (and boys too), an amazing way to comunicate something. They always have an important meaning, even if somethimes it is only artistic.

the opportunity to transform our bodies in an artwork is surely fantastic, but the problem is that they're forever! Sometimes, when my mind is thinking about getting a tattoo, I try to imagine me at sixty years old, with that amazing tattoo on my wrinkled skin. Needless to say, I have always changed idea!
But now I discovered the opportunity to get a temporary tattoo, such as those I used to found in packaged snacks when I was a child.

Here there are two sites where you can buy them:

What's your opinion about these new tattoos? 

Eleonora Carisi

Paris, The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Berlin, the Sartorialist

Tattly, You're Late